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Uber Seeks Court Reprieve After California Shutdown Threat

Uber is asking an appeals court for an extended reprieve on California Assembly Bill 5. A traveler gets into a car displaying Uber signage at the Oakland International Airport. (David Paul Morris/Bloomberg News)

Uber Technologies Inc. joined Lyft Inc. in asking an appeals court for an extended reprieve on converting California drivers to employees after both companies warned that a rapid overhaul of their business models may force them to suspend operations in their home state.

Clare Roth | Bloomberg News
August 17, 2020
Government, Business, Technology, Logistics

Uber, Lyft Denied Extended Delay of Driver Labor Ruling in California

Lyft and Uber badges are displayed on the windshield of a vehicle. With the denial, Uber and Lyft can now ask a state appeals court to overrule the judge and keep his order on hold beyond its 10-day expiration. (Allison Zaucha/Bloomberg News)

Uber Technologies Inc. and Lyft Inc. failed to persuade a judge to put an extended hold on his order converting their California drivers to employees while they appeal.

Clare Roth | Bloomberg News
August 13, 2020