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Transportation Rebounding From Hurricane Harvey’s Havoc

Container ships bound for Houston called on other ports as Hurricane Harvey slogged its way across the upper Texas coast and into the history books.

Andrea Rumbaugh | Houston Chronicle
September 25, 2017
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Houston Port Ready to Ease Shipping Backlog After Hurricane Harvey

More ships sailed into the Houston Ship Channel on Sept. 1 in what will be a parade of vessels laden with crude oil, consumer goods and cruise passengers that have been unable to dock in a region devastated by Hurricane Harvey.

Andrea Rumbaugh | Houston Chronicle
September 5, 2017
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Channel Pilots Use Simulator to Practice With Behemoth Neopanamax Ships

Capt. Tom Goodwin stood on the bridge of an oil tanker and looked upon the familiar Bayport Container Terminal. But instead of peering out a vessel’s front windows, he was in a high-tech simulator gazing intently at 13 monitors.

Andrea Rumbaugh | Houston Chronicle
August 4, 2017

Proposed State Legislation Could Help Texas Ports Prepare for Larger Ships

Ships are not getting any smaller. Legislation now headed to the Texas House would create a revolving loan fund to help ports deepen and widen their ship channels to accommodate them.

Andrea Rumbaugh | Houston Chronicle
April 5, 2017

Saudi Arabia Company Positions Itself for Breakbulk Growth at Port of Houston

Saudi Arabia-based Bahri, a logistics and transportation company, officially opened its Houston office March 16 as the region prepares for an uptick in drilling activity that should rejuvenate the amount of oil field equipment that crosses the Port of Houston's docks.

Andrea Rumbaugh | Houston Chronicle
March 17, 2017

Houston Manufacturers Worried Regional Infrastructure Not Ready for Impending Cargo Influx

Some manufacturers are concerned that regional infrastructure won't be prepared for the impending influx of petrochemical-related cargo through the Port of Houston, a topic discussed Nov. 2 during the Harris County International Trade and Transportation Conference.

Andrea Rumbaugh | Houston Chronicle
November 3, 2016
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Houston Port Credited for Being 'Creative' to Move Hanjin Cargo

Port of Houston Authority officials acted quickly to deliver stranded cargo after Hanjin Shipping Co. sought bankruptcy protection, offering to move and release the containers for a reduced fee.

Andrea Rumbaugh | Houston Chronicle
September 29, 2016

Low Oil Prices Slow Cargo Flow, But Houston Port Prepares for Growth

Low oil prices slowed the volume of general cargo the Port of Houston Authority handled in the first five months of the year, commissioners said June 28.Yet, signaling long-term confidence, the Port Commission also awarded a contract for up to $34.4 million to buy three cranes for its Bayport Container Terminal.

Andrea Rumbaugh | Houston Chronicle
June 29, 2016