Top Truck Bottlenecks Report Coming Soon, ATRI President Says

Bottleneck in California
57/60 Confluence Project

WASHINGTON — The definitive guide to the country’s top truck bottlenecks will be released Jan. 25, the president of the American Transportation Research Institute, which publishes the report, said Jan. 9.


Brewster by Eugene Mulero/Transport Topics 

The upcoming report will feature new data points meant to amplify the impact to the trucking industry resulting from the top 100 congested regions, Rebecca Brewster, the group’s president, told Transport Topics at the Transportation Research Board’s annual meeting.

The data and analysis in the report aims to equip policymakers with actionable intelligence on the challenges caused by traffic congestion. That has the potential to convince transportation leaders of the need to advance measures meant to improve freight connectivity, Brewster explained.

Atlanta’s “Spaghetti Junction,” where Interstate 285 and I-85 north meet, topped the list of bottlenecks in 2017. “I’m not surprised in the least,” Georgia Motor Trucking Association President Ed Crowell said last year. “It’s part and parcel with the reason we supported the fuel-tax increase [that became law] in Georgia in 2015,” he said.

ATRI has examined GPS data from trucks since 2002 with the aid of the Federal Highway Administration to produce the bottlenecks report.