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Intangles Introduces AI-Enabled DPF Monitoring

Tool Helps Optimize Fuel Efficiency and Engine Performance
Intangles' Vanderheide and McMillan
Intangles' Vanderheide (left) and McMillan say the company serves more than 25,000 fleets in 17 countries (John Sommers II for Transport Topics)

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NEW ORLEANS — Intangles, a provider of predictive maintenance technology for the trucking industry, has introduced a new feature that informs fleets on the quality of diesel particulate filter regeneration to optimize fuel efficiency and engine performance.

The new feature monitors the DPF system’s performance in real time and also predicts future performance based on environmental and vehicle-specific conditions, making it possible to forecast costs associated with DPF inefficiency, the company said.

Intangles made the announcement during a March 3 press conference at the 2024 Technology & Maintenance Council Annual Meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibition.

“In the coming months, this solution will work effectively in most of the makes and models that we currently support worldwide,” said Craig Vanderheide, the company’s director of product development. “We currently cover over 2,000 engine configurations and are adding more daily. And our hardware can be installed seamlessly alongside any existing telematics device.”

The Intangles DPF product, available now, is part of the company’s larger suite of artificial intelligence-enabled vehicle health tools designed to proactively detect maintenance issues before diagnostic trouble codes are triggered.

“In the beginning we wanted to do predictive analytics for the heavy-duty industry,” said Alan McMillan, president of Intangles. “The architectural concept that we built our AI on is called digital twin. Twin meaning that we’re taking a physical asset in the heavy-duty truck as it’s rolling down the highway and rebuilding those components of the truck in the cloud.”

Founded in 2016, Intangles said it serves more than 25,000 fleets in 17 countries.

The company said its DPF product is built using its proprietary hardware, adaptive algorithms and scalable cloud infrastructure to solve problems in new ways. Once a digital replica is created, Intangles can test how the virtual DPF will perform under varying conditions such as extreme cold weather, periods of prolonged idling, or stop-start driving situations, which can be particularly hard on DPFs.

As a result, the Intangles solution not only predicts how a truck’s DPF will perform in differing conditions, but also grants insight into how best to optimize soot load and regeneration.

“Our fleets know firsthand how a clogged DPF can lead to a loss of power and fuel economy,” Vanderheide said. “And I don’t know of any drivers who are thrilled to deal with DPF issues when they are focused on getting where they need to be.”

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