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Decisiv Showcases New Asset Management Platform With Tico

Decisiv SRM Sentinel Platform Designed to Facilitate Better Communication, Collaboration
Decisiv-Tico Manufacturing at TMC 2024
David Hough (left) and Madeline Waite of Tico Manufacturing, and Alex Clementi of Decisiv discuss the new Decisiv SRM Sentinel platform March 6 at TMC 2024 in New Orleans. (Connor D. Wolf/Transport Topics)

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NEW ORLEANS — Decisiv showcased the new asset management platform it created as part of an ongoing partnership with terminal tractor maker Tico Manufacturing during the 2024 Technology & Maintenance Council Annual Meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibition on March 6.

The Decisiv SRM Sentinel platform was designed to facilitate better communication and collaboration among the manufacturer and its dealer network, customers and uptime center by providing real-time updates into service and repair events. The product builds upon a partnership that started with the Tico Edge platform.

“The other spotter companies that I compete with, it’s email, telephone calls, smoke signals,” said David Hough, senior director of product support and aftermarket at Tico. “It doesn’t have a unified communication tool. With the Sentinel, what I saw was a next-level upgrade. It’s a graphical interface, it’s easy to use for my customers, so we just inked a deal to put it in the Edge system.”

TMC 2024 provided the companies the chance to announce the new platform and showcase it on the exhibition floor.

“The Sentinel program is going to be the best thing, not only for us as a manufacturer, but for our fleets and dealers, because you have one place where everything in your depot is accessible and every case is accessible,” said Madeline Waite, national accounts warranty adviser at Tico. “So instead of having to go to different screens and go out of the program into another program, it all can live here.”

Waite added that the platform also can cross over with existing dealer management systems to make it easier to create a repair order in a way technicians would be used to seeing. Both companies built the platform, alongside dealers and other partners, during a three-day summit late last year to ensure it was designed specifically for their needs.

“We didn’t want to forget about the users of this, We had our dealers there to make sure we were mapping the process correctly to make it as easy as possible for the dealer,” Hough said. “We’re in the process of that 2.0. I expect to probably complete it before the summertime and launch the Sentinel and revise processes in house. This is going to be a lot more streamlined.”

The Sentinel platform as a result features service event management capabilities, depot grouping and custom alerts. It starts with a home dashboard that includes panels summarizing the most useful data. Each panel is linked to another page where more information is available such as a breakdown of all their assets and a list of every active vehicle alert. From there, these breakdowns can be filtered further, such as by vehicle type or how pressing the alert is.

You start your day, get a cup of coffee, you know exactly what’s happening across your fleet.

Alex Clementi, head of asset management team at Decisiv

Alex Clementi

“I liken this to a cup of coffee screen,” said Alex Clementi, who leads the asset management team at Decisiv. “You start your day, get a cup of coffee, you know exactly what’s happening across your fleet. These different panels that we see, we’re able to see total number of assets within the fleet, how many depots we have.

“There’s an ownership aspect within Sentinel, so you can take bits and pieces of the fleet that you’re managing and assign that to yourself.”


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Clementi added there are two core capabilities that the platform provides: asset tracking and monitoring of all the alerts around the equipment, and then being able to package that and use it in a service events platform to create an appointment. He noted the new platform is more asset-focused than the previous version.

“It’s taking all of that data at the point of service and delivering it to the servicing dealer that is going to do that work,” Clementi said. “If there’s any work that’s been scheduled or in the process of being scheduled, all that information is available. And we like to sum everything up and show an activity log. As different team members are inside of the system, scheduling work, following up information, all that’s tracked and available to see minute by minute within the program.”

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