Consumers Support Increased Fuel Economy in Heavy-Duty Trucks, Study Finds


Almost three quarters of American consumers support requiring truck manufacturers to raise the fuel economy of heavy-duty trucks, according to a recent report.

A recent study by the Consumer Federation of America shows 74% of respondents are in favor of reducing the fuel costs of large trucks, which the study says are passed on to consumers.

The average household spends $1,100 more on goods to cover the costs of “fueling up inefficient heavy-duty trucks” as trucking companies pass the fuel costs on, according to CFA.

The federation says the average consumer could save $250 if fuel-saving technologies were implemented in heavy- and medium- duty trucks, after the cost of the technology was recovered.

“When fuel prices rise, so does the cost of consumer goods due to the cost of transporting those goods. Conversely, because of competition, a reduction in transportation costs will result in lower cost of goods for consumers,” the report said.