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How Business Leaders Can Speed Up IoT Deployments

August 1, 2022

Learn how these enterprises are turning to integrated IoT offerings from mobile network operators to create manageable, large-scale IoT deployments by packaging frequency band options (including 5G), account and contract streamlining, and a full slate of IoT lifecycle support services.

T-Mobile For Business

3 High Value Uses of Data Analytics

June 18, 2018

How Asset Owners and Service Providers Use Their Data to Drive Asset Performance and Value  - Data holds the promise to unleash unrivaled asset performance and utilization--but only if it’s collected, analyzed, organized, and presented in a useful fashion. Check out these 3 ways fleets and service providers are using data in the Decisiv Service Relationship Management (SRM) platform to drive improved service event management.


Highly Effective Secrets to Building a Successful Data-Driven, Driver Incentive Program

June 11, 2018

Best-run fleets are using their data-driven rewards program as a differentiator to attract and retain quality drivers. They use monthly or quarterly driver scorecards based on comprehensive safety, fuel and operational data to develop and retain quality drivers.


Connected Truck Security: Slamming the Door on Hackers

June 2, 2018

This white paper provides an overview of cybersecurity for connected fleets and outlines frequently-asked questions and answers about data security, wireless vulnerabilities and considerations for carriers seeking the most secure fleet management technology.


Building Blockchain Applications for the Transportation Industry

June 1, 2018

From rating and billing to optimizing operations and business processes, Blockchain applications are poised to have a significant impact for transportation and logistics companies. To start understanding what Blockchain technology will do for your company’s business, and how it can create competitive advantages, download our guide.

TMW Systems

Navigating the ELD Mandate Grandfather Clause Period

May 13, 2018

The ELD Mandate went into effect last December and it included a grandfather clause, a two-year period to convert AOBRDs to ELDs. Read this white paper to understand the grandfather clause and learn how leading fleet Crete Carrier Corporation is navigating it. 


BlockChain for Transportation: Where the Future Starts

April 11, 2018

From grasping basics to applying Blockchain technology in the transportation space, Tim Leonard, Hortonwork’s 2017 data visionary of the year demonstrates how building your Blockchain system will give you a clear competitive edge to conducting business successfully.

TMW Systems

Retention Begins When the Driver Applies

April 8, 2018

As many in the industry know, driver retention has historically been an issue – with no clear solution. In this whitepaper, we provide insight to driver demands and the strategies and tools carriers can implement to reverse the driver turnover trend.

EBE Technologies

Why Fleets Should Be Looking Beyond ELD

April 1, 2018

With the ELD Mandate deadline looming, fleets are understandably focused on ensuring they’re compliant. But many fleets are planning to minimally comply – for them, ELDs will always be a cost center. For fleets taking a long-term view, however, ELDs can mean profit.

Mix Telematics

Make Better Business Decisions Using Big Data

March 19, 2018

Crafted by Hortonworks' 2017 Data Visionary Tim Leonard, this whitepaper is the authority on how big data can supplement your analytics and help your company now. Make faster, more informed decisions at the operational and strategic levels to drive innovation.

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