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Rethink your shop, keep your fleet healthy.

Zonar Whitepaper

Unexpected vehicle breakdowns are disruptive and cost more than you think. Take control of your fleet maintenance. Predict and prevent breakdowns before they throw a wrench in your day. Read this white paper to learn about modern maintenance technologies that make you rethink your reactive maintenance workflows. Streamline processes to decrease breakdowns and compliance violations, reduce costs, and have a healthier fleet and more efficient shop. 

May 1, 2021
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Lower Your Fleet Insurance Costs with Video Telematics

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In its latest survey on the top issues confronting trucking, the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI), identified rising insurance as an emerging issue. Since 2013, per ATRI data, fleets surveyed have been walloped by insurance premium costs that have jumped over 17%.

November 5, 2020
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Transfix Launches Fleet Management Tool for Small, Midsize Carriers

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Transfix launched a free fleet management service geared toward small and midsize carriers, the company announced Oct. 6.

October 6, 2020
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Orbcomm Partners With Samsung Electronics

Transportation technology company Orbcomm Inc. has teamed with Samsung Electronics America to add fleet management capabilities to Samsung tablets, Orbcomm said in a news release.

January 3, 2020
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Catapult Your Way to Safety & Operational Success

You see the headlines, you read the news and wonder … why did that fleet win the award? What are they doing differently than us? These fleets are staying ahead of the competition by continuously testing new ideas and programs, expanding the focus on safety throughout the organization, and successfully managing change -- all the while reaping enviable results. Moderated by: Don Osterberg, industry consultant and former Sr. Vice President of Safety, Security and Driver Training at Schneider National.

September 12, 2019
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5 Telematics Reports Every Fleet Needs

In the age of ELDs, fleets are now able to collect huge volumes of data on fleet operations. But most aren’t effectively analyzing and leveraging that data to improve safety and efficiency. In this session, fleet management veteran Adam Bruttell, Vice President at MiX Telematics North America, will review the 5 Telematics Reports Every Fleet Needs, and describe how fleets can improve their ability to collect and analyze ELD data to drive ongoing operational improvements.

June 20, 2019

Discover the Top Fleet Management Trends Powered by Location Technology

Discover the Top Fleet Management Trends Powered by Location Technology

Learn how to take advantage of real time analytics and route optimization tools, new trends in driver behavior analysis to enhance safety, and how location data and services can position your business as the fleet and logistics solutions provider of choice.

January 1, 2019

Deliver More Powerful Fleet Solutions and Enable Data-Driven Decisions

Understand the challenges that roadblock Transport & Logistics companies and develop software that will revolutionize fleet management. Enable fleet operators to make faster decisions, that can lead to superior customer service, increased revenues, and reduced costs to the business.

December 31, 2018
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Awake and Aware

Trucker using video technology Lytx Inc.

Distracted and drowsy driving creates risk for drivers as well as fleets, but various forms of technology can alert drivers to these hazards and enable fleets to tailor training to prevent future events.

Mindy Long | Special to Transport Topics
December 7, 2018
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Fleet Advantage Updates ATLAAS Platform

Fleet Advantage, a company specializing in truck fleet business analytics, equipment financing and life cycle cost management, announced it will enhance its Advanced Truck Lifecycle Administrative Analytics Software.

October 29, 2018