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Cesar Quintana Moreno, Hub Group

'Sometimes They Clap When We're Pulling Up'

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Saluting the men and women of the trucking industry who kept America's essential goods flowing during the coronavirus pandemic.

Profiles: Peter Lacoste | Susan Dawson | James Rogers | Cesar Quintana Moreno | Reggie Barrows | Kevin Cooper 


As demand spiked for certain consumer goods, Cesar Quintana Moreno, a driver for Hub Group, stepped up to train new drivers hired to ensure that shelves remained stocked. Read more of Moreno's story here.

‘I don’t do most of the grocery shopping, when I went when it was my turn to go, and I’d seen the shelves empty, I was like, ‘Wow, this is really happening.’ Just let them know that if they’re going to buy something, most likely it came in the truck. Let them know: Be patient, we’re getting there. We’re getting there. 

Hi, I’m Marissa Gamache of Transport Topics, and this is Trucking’s Frontline Heroes, the series that spotlights the men and women who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to keep America’s essential goods flowing during the coronavirus pandemic. Today we introduce you to Cesar Moreno, a Hub Group driver based out of Southern California. With more than 10 years of professional driving experience, Moreno has been delivering essential goods to stores in Las Vegas since the pandemic began. Take a look at his story. 

The first thing that was, was like everything getting shut down. We thought we were going to get shut down, but it seems like the places we were able to park or stop to take a break, they were all closed down. We couldn’t go inside the stores and have a snack or a coffee break. We just basically had to be in the truck now. As a father I took my precautions and everything like that. My wife helped me out with some stuff, then of course work, when they got their shipment in, they provided it for us and everything.  

 Moreno started in the industry as a warehouse worker before becoming a driver more than a decade ago.  These days he delivers supplies to Home Depot stores in Las Vegas and San Diego. 

Getting there to that store that we mainly deliver to, seeing those lines out there, seeing 300 people lined up … so, when they see the truck coming, sometimes they even clap when we’re pulling up and everything. It’s like, ‘OK we’re here, yeah. Hope you guys get your stuff,’ you know, so they can go about their day. 

Despite the public support, you won’t hear Moreno call himself a hero. 

No it still hasn’t hit me, you know. I’m working, helping out. That’s how I see it, you know. Helping out the country. It’s the right thing to do and help, and you got to work to eat and feed your family, so that’s how I see it, you know. 

Cesar Moreno is just one of several industry heroes we're spotlighting in our new special section devoted to Trucking’s Frontline Heroes. Make sure to check out the others at I’m Marissa Gamache, we’ll see you next time.