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Commercial freight transportation businesses rely on data, intelligence, and novel solutions for operational efficiency. Transport Topics technology coverage investigates available technologies, real-world applications of business solutions, and the strategies necessary for advancement. News topics focus on the latest applied science, and issues range from autonomous vehicle and robotics innovations to management software, tracking and transparency, data analytics, blockchain, and the internet of things.


How to Get the Most Value Out of Class 8 EV Trucks Today

Class 8 EV truck charging doesn't need to be limited to a single overnight charge at your own facility. Learn how we can help you expand how to incorporate fast charging (think 75+ miles in 30 minutes or less) into your operations — thereby letting that truck cover more miles every day and maximizing your ROI. 

March 11, 2024
Business, Technology, Logistics

Embracing The Electric Future: Your BEV Transition Roadmap

As sustainability gains traction, fleets embrace electrification with zero-emission vehicles. Gain insights on timing, collaboration, and accessibility in 'Embracing The Electric Future: Your BEV Transition Roadmap,' discovering efficient ways to set up your charging infrastructure.

February 8, 2024
Business, Technology, Safety

Achieving a Return on Safety

In this guide, we’ll show you the bones of an integrated and data-driven approach to safety that boosts your bottom line — and the extra business benefits you can unlock. Learn how to optimize your safety program to capture, integrate and analyze contextualized data using telematics.

January 31, 2024
Business, Technology

Make Your Fleet More Resilient to Today’s Challenges

If running a commercial fleet was easy, you wouldn’t need help standing up to today’s top industry challenges. Download this white paper to read more about using smart fleet management and mobility solutions to navigate several of trucking’s 10 strongest headwinds.

January 31, 2024
Business, Technology

Advanced Trailer Telematics Help Prevent Theft

You can lose a lot with an unauthorized open. Including a customer’s trust. Tamper detection, monitoring sensors, and location alerts put your fleet security miles ahead of locks and security—and can also help you run your fleet more efficiently.

January 5, 2024
Technology, Equipment

Decarbonizing Your Fleet with Innovative Refrigeration Units

Unlock the future of sustainability in your refrigerated fleet operations. Explore cutting-edge transport refrigeration technology to lower emissions and ensure proper temperature-controlled cargo. 

November 29, 2023
Business, Technology

How Fleet Operators Should Tackle EV Charging Infrastructure

A detailed guide that unpacks all of the challenges fleets need to consider when building EV charging infrastructure themselves — and how to mitigate these challenges by working with a specialized infrastructure partner.

October 27, 2023
Business, Technology, Equipment

Artificial Intelligence in Cold Chain Removes Manual Probing

Quality Custom Distribution partnered with EROAD to replace the costly, unreliable process of manual temperature monitoring. The implementation of a new Artificial Intelligence-driven solution has resulted in the elimination of manual temperature checks and significant cost savings for QCD. 

October 27, 2023
Business, Technology

Recruiting Top Drivers: 3 Tips From NTDC Champ Gragg Wilson

It’s no secret that driver churn is one of the biggest challenges facing the trucking industry. With demand remaining high, qualified drivers always have the opportunity to seek greener pastures — some fleets report annual turnover rates as high as 90%. More than just a scheduling headache, the constant fluctuation can be costly.

September 26, 2023
Business, Technology, Equipment

Lubrication analysis leads to extended ODI, fuel efficiency

Nussbaum Transportation worked with the MobilTM Engineering team to evaluate their fleet’s oil program. After implementing a new lubrication strategy, Nussbaum was able to safely extend oil drain intervals to 75,000 miles and improve their fuel efficiency. 

August 23, 2023