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Task Force to Study Autonomous Technology Underway in Oklahoma

Oklahoma welcome sign J. Stephen Conn/Flickr

Oklahoma state officials have held the first meeting of a task force that will study autonomous vehicles and how agencies and local governments should respond to the emerging technology.

Dale Denwalt | The Oklahoman (Oklahoma City)
August 13, 2018
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Mammoth Energy Services Expands Operations

Mammoth workers Cobra workers in Puerto Rico (Mammoth Energy Services Inc. via Youtube)

One of Oklahoma’s fastest-growing companies, Mammoth Energy Services, continued to expand in the second quarter, buying up two more companies and securing new contracts throughout the country.

Adam Wilmoth | The Oklahoman
August 9, 2018
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Mexican Energy Sector Overhaul Could Reduce US Export Demand

Oil flare in the Gulf of Mexico. (Getty Images)

An ambitious plan to boost Mexico’s oil and gas production could slow the country’s energy sector reforms and hinder trade opportunities for U.S. refiners and pipeline companies that have ramped up exports to meet growing demand there, according to research firm Morningstar.

Katherine Blunt | Houston Chronicle
August 7, 2018
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Waymo Program in Arizona Focuses on Commuters Using Public Transit

Waymo A Waymo customized Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid near the company's headquarters in Mountain View, Calif. (Getty Images)

Self-driving vehicles typically are described as a disruptive technology that will make traditional modes of public transportation obsolete, but a recent announcement by Chandler-based Waymo is challenging that narrative.

Wayne Schutsky | East Valley Tribune (Mesa, Ariz.)
August 6, 2018
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Union Pacific ‘Right of Way’ Sticking Point in California Rail Project

Union Pacific TT File Photo

The most ambitious rail project of California’s future is increasingly dependent on the cooperation of the very railroad that shaped the state’s past — and there are signs their relationship is growing strained.

Ralph Vartabedian | Los Angeles Times
August 6, 2018
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Oil Companies Fret as Congress Debates Russia Sanctions

Gazprom oil producing facility in the Yamal region, Russia. A Gazprom oil producing facility in the Yamal region, Russia. (Petr Shelomovskiy/AP)

WASHINGTON — Oil and gas executives have watched wearily in recent years as the relationship between the United States and Russia deteriorated, steadily closing off their ability to drill the vast shale plays underlying Siberia and the deep-water oil fields off Russia’s Arctic coast.

James Osborne | Houston Chronicle
August 3, 2018
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U.S. Xpress Revenue Grows 21.4% in Past Year

U.S. XPress truck TT file photo

A three-year turnaround in the operations and culture at U.S. Xpress Enterprises helped the Chattanooga, Tenn., trucking firm raise more than $250 million in an initial stock offering in June and deliver its best operating ratio in two decades this spring.

Dave Flessner | Chattanooga (Tenn.) Times Free Press
August 3, 2018
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Fiat Chrysler’s Magneti Marelli to Acquire Self-Driving Tech Startup

Magneti Marelli, a components business that is part of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, plans to acquire a French startup focused on self-driving car technology.

Eric D. Lawrence | Detroit Free Press
August 2, 2018
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Sacramento Partners With Self-Driving Firm for Driverless Tests on City Streets

Sacramento self-driving State Capitol in Sacramento. (Thinkstock)

Sacramento has signed a deal with a Silicon Valley firm to use downtown streets as a testing ground for self-driving vehicles that will be monitored by remote “drivers” sitting at computers.

Tony Bizjak | The Sacramento Bee
August 2, 2018
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Schumer Calls for More Inspectors After Concrete Falls From Rail Bridge

Chuck Schumer Zach Gibson

Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) called on the Federal Railroad Administration to increase the number of independent inspectors that examine rail bridges.

Eric Anderson | Times Union (Albany, N.Y.)
August 2, 2018