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Why XPO Continues to Choose Change

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For a time XPO made headlines for its number of acquisitions, now XPO is changing its strategy to maximize the efficacy of its respective offerings. On November 1, XPO spun off of its tech-enabled brokered transportation platform to launch a new company, RXO. Already, RXO is poised to be the 4th largest full truckload brokerage company in the U.S. Having previously launched its global contract logistics operations into a separate company - GXO Logistics - last year, XPO now operates purely as a less-than-truckload carrier. What does the future look like for RXO and XPO? And, what does this move mean for the industry trend towards higher specialization and 3PLs? In this special edition of Newsmakers, XPO CEO Mario Harik and RXO CEO Drew Wilkerson join TT's Dan Ronan to discuss the reason behind the spin off and what the next big steps are for both companies.