The Smartest Strategy for Highway Safety

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Understanding trends in highway inspection violations can help you better form your safety strategy. U.S. Department of Transportation inspectors and state troopers across the United States, Canada and Mexico regularly perform 72-hour Roadcheck Inspection operations to promote roadway safety, vehicle maintenance, and driver safety. What can we learn from the findings of these operations? What inspection criteria do fleets overlook the most? What safety technology trends are the most relevant to those operating commercial vehicles? And how can trucking industry business leaders proactively address safety inspection concerns? The highway safety landscape has changed across the last 18 months and it takes a lot to keep up with evolving policy and enforcement. CVSA Executive Director Collin Mooney joins Dan Ronan to discuss these changes and how the Alliance has taken the lead on offering guidance to law enforcement, trucking companies and policy makers. Tune into Newsmakers on 7/18 for this complete safety session. You'll hear about speed limiters, road checks, exemptions, and more.

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