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The Future of Freight Transportation in Ports, Policy, and Pilot Programs

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With the U.S. experiencing a 40-year high on both inflation and fuel prices, the freight transportation industry has much to contend with in addition to persistent supply chain challenges.  How much of an impact will state policies like AB 5 have on the industry? Is the federal apprenticeship program for younger drivers the right step toward expanding freight transportation's workforce? Recruiters often posit that trucking could appeal to a younger demographic by placing more of an emphasis on its advanced technology like electrification, but how close are we to a broader implementation of electric vehicles? To address the steady and rising trends of the freight transportation industry, ATA President and CEO Chris Spear joins Dan Ronan on August 11. Listen to them discuss inflation and economic projections, recent state laws that are making waves, and what ATA's perspective is on it all.