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Letters: Rooftop Snow, ATA Couple Retires, Fuel Prices, Those Railroad Ads, SCR Details

Forget about getting truck drivers to remove snow and ice from trailer rooftops. For one, many drivers cannot even walk across the parking lot, let alone be expected to somehow get on top of a trailer roof.

March 16, 2009
Letters to the Editor, Government, Business, Safety

Letters: CARB After Reefers, Scanning Containers, Freight Brokers

The Environmental Protection Agency has approved California’s new limits on refrigerated trailers entering and operating inside the “Golden State,” giving truck owners and drivers about five months to prepare before enforcement hits July 17.

March 9, 2009
Letters to the Editor, Business, Safety, Government, Fuel, Equipment

Letters: APU Market Slump, Fuel Prices, Execs vs. Dealers, E-Logs, Outrageous Terms

Your story on the demise of RigMaster comes as no surprise in a sector of the truck market that has seen a drastic downturn of new business, mostly exacerbated by tightening of credit markets (2-9, p. 4).

March 3, 2009
Letters to the Editor, Business, Safety, Government

Letters: Back to Basics; Snow Removal Fines; Government Stimulus

Listening to the television pundits trying to divine the future of our economy, I am not unlike millions of people worldwide. We are all watching Washington, waiting for a panacea to the economic woes.

February 20, 2009
Letters to the Editor, Business, Safety

Letters: Truck vs. Car Speed, Home Run, Removing Snow, 10% Pay Cut

Regarding different speed limits for cars and large trucks, arguments with this one go on and on.

February 17, 2009