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Five More Plead Guilty to Staged Accidents in New Orleans

New Orleans highway sign Staged accidents in the New Orleans area came to light in March 2019 for incidents involving two tractor-trailers in 2017. (travelview via Getty Images)

A total of five individuals have pleaded guilty to staging two accidents in the New Orleans area with tractor-trailers in 2017, and obtaining fraudulent financial settlements totaling more than $282,000.

Eric Miller | Senior Reporter
June 2, 2021
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First Trial Set for May 10 in New Orleans Staged Accident Charges

gavel Getty Images

Genetta Isreal, a 51-year-old Houston woman indicted for her alleged role in a June 2017 staged accident in New Orleans with a tractor-trailer, is set to go on trial May 10.

Eric Miller | Senior Reporter
February 9, 2021
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New Orleans Attorney Indicted in Staged-Accident Scam

New Orleans highway sign ablokhin/Getty Images

A previously unidentified New Orleans attorney alleged to be a co-conspirator in a sweeping federal investigation into staged accidents with tractor-trailers was named in a Nov. 5 federal indictment for his alleged role in the conspiracy.

Eric Miller | Senior Reporter
November 5, 2020

New Mississippi Port to Compete With Nearby Port of New Orleans

Port of New Orleans

Officials at the Plaquemines Port in Louisiana plan to develop an intermodal container shipping terminal along the Mississippi River in Plaquemines Parish, a move that would increase competition with the Port of New Orleans, which is about 20 miles away.

Richard Thompson | The (Baton Rouge, La.) Advocate
April 3, 2017