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IRS Proposal Could Rewrite Rules on How Certain Equipment Is Taxed

Determination of whether a truck will be used for on- or off-highway duty is central to a proposal from the Internal Revenue Service that could rewrite the rules on how certain equipment is taxed.

Joe Howard | Executive Editor
June 17, 2016
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Lockheed Wins $480 Million Order for 12 Freight-Hauling Airships

Lockheed Martin Corp.

Lockheed Martin Corp. won an order for as many as 12 airships worth $480 million as lower crude receipts spur cost-conscious oil and gas companies to consider aircraft able to carry workers and cargo to remote locations without the need for hefty investment in runways and roads.

Benjamin D Katz | Bloomberg News
March 30, 2016
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MoDOT Director Says 'Tidal Wave' of Repairs on Horizon, Urges Lawmakers to Act

Patrick McKenna, MoDOT Director

The new director of the Missouri Department of Transportation on Jan. 26 continued his call to boost state transportation spending.

Jack Suntrup | St. Louis Post-Dispatch
January 27, 2016

New IRS Tax Rules on Assets to Affect Fleets, Experts Say

New tax rules that start Jan. 1 will change the way trucking companies and other U.S. businesses account for real estate and business equipment and could create room for more same-year deductions rather than multiyear depreciation, according to several tax experts.

December 2, 2013
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Communication Is Key to Getting Trucks Fixed After Roadside Breakdowns, Repairers Say

When trouble strikes and a truck is disabled, establishing clear lines of communication between the driver, the driver’s dispatcher and the technician handling the problem are paramount to ensuring that the vehicle gets back on the road quickly and at minimal cost, according to the managers of several roadside-repair networks.

December 10, 2012