Government Shutdown

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Key Lawmakers Reach Stopgap Spending Deal to Avert Shutdown

Key Lawmakers Reach Stopgap Spending Deal to Avert Shutdown The U.S. Capitol stands in Washington, D.C. (Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg)

House Democrats released a bipartisan short-term spending bill to keep the government open after midnight Dec. 3 and plan to put it to a House vote later Dec. 2.

Erik Wasson | Bloomberg News
December 2, 2021

Congress Clears Government Funding Bill to Avert Shutdown

Capitol Hill The bill passed after Democrats dropped an earlier attempt to attach a debt-ceiling suspension to the bill in face of implacable Republican opposition to that measure. (Associated Press)

The House passed a nine-week spending bill to avert a U.S. government shutdown hours before it was set to begin on an 254-175 vote. The legislation passed the Senate earlier Sept. 30 and was signed by President Joe Biden.

Erik Wasson | Bloomberg News
September 30, 2021
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Trump Signs Bill to Extend Government Funding

House Appropriations Committee Chairwoman Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.) “I am pleased that we are keeping government open, assuring full funding for a fair and accurate Census, and ensuring a pay raise for our military,” House Appropriations Committee Chairwoman Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.) said. (C-SPAN)

Agencies at the U.S. Department of Transportation and throughout the federal government will continue to operate through Dec. 20 after President Donald Trump signed a monthlong funding bill the Senate passed Nov. 21.

Eugene Mulero | Senior Reporter
November 21, 2019
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Government Shutdown Could Blur Economic Picture for Traders, Fed

Government Shutdown Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg News

The Federal Reserve is keeping a close eye on economic data as it “assesses the appropriate path” for monetary policy, but the central bank and traders in financial markets may find their vision blurred if Washington gridlock spurs yet another government shutdown later this month.

Alexandra Harris | Bloomberg News
November 4, 2019
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Small Businesses Not Optimistic Over Economic Outlook

Small Business Scott Eells/Bloomberg News

Sentiment among U.S. small businesses slumped in January to the lowest level since Donald Trump became president as the economic outlook weakened amid the longest-ever U.S. government shutdown.

Chibuike Oguh | Bloomberg News
February 12, 2019
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Transportation Agencies Reopen After Truce Ends Historic Shutdown

Trump Olivier Douliery/Abaca Press/TNS

The truce between congressional Democrats and President Donald Trump on Jan. 25 halting the longest federal government shutdown in history meant more than 16,000 staffers at the U.S. Department of Transportation will no longer be furloughed.

Eugene Mulero | Senior Reporter
January 29, 2019
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Tax Refunds Will Be Paid on Time Despite Shutdown, Mnuchin Says

Steven Mnuchin Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin (Al Drago/Bloomberg News)

The U.S. Treasury Department is ready for the tax season and will pay tax refunds “as normal,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told Fox Business News on Jan. 29.

January 29, 2019
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House, Senate Pass Bill to End Shutdown, Fund Government Through Feb. 15

Rep. Nancy Pelosi Rep. Nancy Pelosi signs a deal to end a partial government shutdown on Jan. 25. (Eric Thayer/Bloomberg News)

Congress voted to end the 35-day partial government shutdown after President Donald Trump capitulated to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and agreed to reopen federal agencies without any guarantee of money for his proposed border wall.

January 25, 2019
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Editorial: Watching the Slowdowns, Ending the Shutdown

A gangbusters year marked by soaring freight rates and frenzied order and sales activity for equipment ended on a soft note, as December saw reported declines in both truck tonnage and trailer orders. It had to happen eventually, but some may feel cheated that the industry didn’t get to close out this otherwise stellar year on a high note.

January 24, 2019
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Government Shutdown Strains Emerge in US Air Travel System

Atlanta Airport A line of people wait in the security line at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. (Elijah Nouvelage/Bloomberg News)

The strain of a 34-day partial government shutdown is weighing on the nation’s air-travel system, both the federal workers who make it go and the airlines that depend on them. Air traffic controllers and airport security agents continued to work without pay — they will miss a second biweekly paycheck Jan. 25 — but high absentee rates raise the threat of long airport lines, or worse.

David Koenig | Associated Press
January 24, 2019