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CO2 Caps Coming for Trucks in European Union

EU Jasper Juinen/Bloomberg News

European Union negotiators agreed to impose caps on carbon dioxide from trucks for the first time, stepping up the fight against climate change with a challenge to manufacturers such as Daimler AG.

Jonathan Stearns | Bloomberg News
February 19, 2019
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Ford Says Plants at Risk, Urges UK to Reach Brexit Deal

Ford Sean Proctor/Bloomberg News

Ford Motor Co. warned of dire consequences for U.K. factories employing more than 7,000 people if British politicians fail to agree on a plan to avert a no-deal split from the European Union.

Christopher Jasper and Irene Garca Prez | Bloomberg News
February 13, 2019
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Tesla Gets Green Light to Start Delivering Model 3 in Europe

Tesla model 3 sedan Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg News

Tesla Inc. received permission to start selling its Model 3 in Europe, clearing the final hurdle in bringing the electric-car maker’s top seller to the home turf of Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Hailey Waller and Dana Hull | Bloomberg News
January 22, 2019
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European Economic Expansion Slows Amid Trade Fears

Boats on the river Main in Frankfurt, Germany Boats on the river Main in Frankfurt, Germany. (Michael Probst/AP)

FRANKFURT, Germany — Europe’s economic upswing slowed further in the second quarter amid concerns over global trade disputes that have seen the world’s major powers impose new tariffs on each other.

David McHugh | AP Business Writer
July 31, 2018

Complex Legislative, Regulatory Environment Complicates European Trucking Operations

More than any other factor, legislation has defined the modern European commercial vehicle. Changes in laws regarding vehicle height and length, payload, fuel economy and emissions mean that operators and manufacturers all have to work within an increasingly inflexible legislative environment.

April 16, 2012