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In-Cab Monitoring Uses Machine Vision to Detect Fatigued, Distracted Driving

Driver monitoring technology from Seeing Machines' Guardian system Driver monitoring technology such as Seeing Machines' Guardian system tracks head and eye movements for signs of drowsiness or distraction. (Seeing Machines)

In-cab monitoring systems can help fleets keep drivers out of danger, but technology should be just one part of the broader culture of safety within a company.

Gregory Van Tighem | Contributing Writer
December 6, 2019

Effective Coaching Strategies and Best Practices for Fleet Safety Managers

Effective Coaching Strategies and Best Practices for Fleet Safety Managers

Fleet safety managers often face problems unique to their fleets; however, there are some unavoidable problems that every fleet faces at some point. Effective coaching strategies and best practices are the keys to tackling these issues head-on before they escalate.

October 2, 2019
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Trucking Executives, Transportation Experts Discuss Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving Part of the distracted driving roundtable. (NTSBgov via YouTube)

Transportation companies — including trucking groups — can improve safety by promoting accountability at the individual, executive and peer levels, according to industry representatives.

Eleanor Lamb | Staff Reporter
April 12, 2019
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Sygic Introduces Real-Time Driver Behavior Analysis

Sygic, a Slovakia-based mobile navigation company, has unveiled a new driver behavior algorithm designed to motivate drivers to act safer behind the wheel.

October 18, 2018
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Speeders More Likely to Practice Other Unsafe Behavior

Speeding ticket TT file photo

Truck driving video analysis firm SmartDrive Systems reports that drivers who speed are three times more likely than their nonspeeding peers to practice unsafe following distances, 45% more likely to be in a near collision and 2½ times more likely to be distracted while driving.

May 4, 2018
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Core Group of Distracted Drivers Reduces Road Safety

Distracted driver David J. Phillip/AP

April is Distracted Driving Awareness month, and several new studies show the problem is getting worse.

Burney Simpson | Staff Reporter
April 17, 2018

Opinion: Follow the Right Protocol in Accident Reporting

When developing accident-response training for drivers, fleets often focus on the wrong thing. They typically start with a list of do’s and don’ts without the proper context. Fleets, and by extension their drivers, must know the importance of following the right protocol. When it comes to accident reporting, it’s crucial.

Mark Murrell | Co-Founder, CarriersEdge
November 26, 2017
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FMCSA Proposes Large Fines for Handheld Cell Phone Use

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has proposed fines up to $2,750 for truckers who use a handheld cell phone while driving, as well as the possible suspension or revocation of a commercial license for repeated offenses.

January 3, 2011
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LaHood Blasts Insurance Group that Claims Texting Bans Are Ineffective

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety drew an angry rebuke from Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood over a study the group released that showed no relation between texting bans and fewer car crashes.

October 4, 2010
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State Highway Officials Avoid Vote on Cellphone Bans

The Governors Highway Safety Association has decided not to endorse complete bans on cellphone use while driving, the Washington Post reported Monday.

September 27, 2010