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Congestion Creates $74.5 Billion Burden for Trucking, ATRI Analysis Shows

Truck and car congestion Virginia Department of Transportation

Traffic congestion on the nation’s highways added $74.5 billion in operational costs to the trucking industry in 2016, according to the American Transportation Research Institute’s recent analysis.

Eleanor Lamb | Staff Reporter
October 18, 2018
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Start of Summer Driving Season Means More Motorists, Analysts Say

Memorial Day traffic Memorial Day travel (Rick Bowmer/Associated Press)

The unofficial start of the summer driving season is finally upon us and that means for millions of drivers it will be that time again to hire a dogsitter, pack the swimsuits, sunblock and folding chairs, and drive to the beach (or lake, or pool) to stay cool.

Eugene Mulero | Staff Reporter
May 24, 2018
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Port of Virginia Truckers Get a Chance to Unload on Board Members

Luke Sharett/Bloomberg News

Enough already. That seemed to be the rallying cry for some truckers who got the chance on March 27 to vent about port congestion directly to the Virginia Port Authority Board of Commissioners.

Robert McCabe | The (Norfolk) Virginian-Pilot
March 28, 2018
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Authorities Consider Options to Untangle Traffic in Southern California’s Commercial Spine

Traffic moves along the 710 Freeway in Los Angeles (Jamie Rector/Bloomberg News)

For decades, the 710 Freeway has been the commercial spine of Southern California, funneling the trucks carrying thousands of tons of furniture, clothes, televisions and other goods from the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach into the region’s sprawling network of freeways and warehouses.

Laura J. Nelson | Los Angeles Times
March 1, 2018
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Washington Town Undertakes $52 Million Road Project to Ease Truck Traffic


UNION GAP, Wash. — On a daily average, 3,400 trucks hauling freight travel along Main Street and Valley Mall Boulevard in Union Gap, Wash., just to access Interstate 82.

Phil Ferolito | Yakima (Wash.) Herald-Republic
February 5, 2018
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2018: Atlanta’s ‘Spaghetti Junction’ Tops ATRI’s Freight Bottlenecks List Again

Map pinpoints top 10 freight bottlenecks Google Maps

For the third successive year, Atlanta’s five-level stack interchange known as “Spaghetti Junction,” where Interstates 285 and I-85 north intersect, is again the most congested freight bottleneck in the nation, according to new research conducted by the American Transportation Research Institute.

Eric Miller | Staff Reporter
January 24, 2018
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Truck Drivers May Pay $25.34 to Enter Manhattan’s Peak Traffic Crush

John Taggart/Bloomberg News

Commuters driving into Manhattan’s most congested areas would have to pay an $11.52 daily fee under a proposal from a panel created by Governor Andrew Cuomo. Trucks would pay $25.34, while taxis and for-hire vehicles would pay $2 to $5 per ride.

Henry Goldman | Bloomberg News
January 19, 2018
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Kansas DOT Grants Help Ease Freight-Route Congestion

Certain cities in Kansas are using state Department of Transportation funding to reshape roads near distribution centers that draw freight congestion.

Eleanor Lamb | Staff Reporter
August 30, 2017

Congestion Adds $63.4 Billion Burden to Trucking Industry, ATRI Reports


Traffic congestion added $63.4 billion in operational costs to the trucking industry in 2015, according to a new American Transportation Research Institute report.

Laurie Wiegler | Staff Reporter
May 22, 2017

Congestion Costing Kentucky Drivers $4 Billion Annually, Report Shows

J. Stephen Conn/Flickr

Traffic throughout the Bluegrass State is costing each motorist around urban regions nearly $1,900 annually, a new report by a transportation research group found.

Transport Topics
February 23, 2017