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Building a Safety Culture

Fleetworthy Solutions

Every fleet should be striving for a “safety-first” mindset. Did you know there are some basic steps to get started? This guide covers several high-level topics and best practices to focus on when ensuring your fleet is a safe fleet.

October 5, 2020
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Worklete Continues Expansion Into Trucking Industry Safety Training

Worklete A worker demonstrates a Worklete procedure in an introduction video. ( Laina Reginelli via YouTube)

A software company that specializes in training people to adopt safer work habits is expanding its executive ranks as it targets reducing on-the-job mishaps that can cause serious injuries and potentially increase motor carriers’ insurance rates.

Jim Stinson | Staff Reporter
June 26, 2019

3 Levels of Fleet Maintenance Vendor Consolidation

3 Levels of Fleet Maintenance Vendor Consolidation

As the leading nationwide provider of fleet maintenance programs, Amerit has extensive expertise in overcoming the challenges and pitfalls of vendor consolidation. Amerit’s experts have broken down the process into three levels, providing thoughts on the benefits, how to’s and challenges.

June 4, 2019

Coach Your Way to Greatness

Coach Your Way to Greatness

Coaching drivers – with video – is the best way to improve safety in your fleet. Not only will you experience fewer collisions (and near collisions), but you’ll experience savings throughout your fleet and an improved safety culture.

April 20, 2019
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How Positive Driver Engagement Is Turning The Corner On Safety

How Positive Driver Engagement Is Turning The Corner On Safety

Over the past decade, despite a number of technological advances, commercial driver retention has not improved. Here are 6 steps for fleet managers to consider when building an “engaged” driver environment- that will set fleets up for keeping drivers long-term.

March 21, 2019

Make Safety "The Right Thing To Do" in 2019

One of the hardest tasks fleet’s face when initiating a safety culture – or even a safety policy – is ensuring buy-in from throughout the organization. Download Selling Safety and learn how to “sell” your safety message to executives, managers and drivers.

January 28, 2019

Safety: The Cornerstone of Your Company Culture

The value of safety should be woven throughout the culture of every transportation organization. In this white paper we explore historical trends, current processes, best practices, and the use of technology to support a safety-based culture.

December 20, 2018
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Reduce Risk and Cost With Your Fleet Safety Strategy

In this new white paper, learn how innovative technology provides new and more comprehensive ways to keep vehicles and people safer, as well as ways to avoid the risk and high costs that unsafe transportation practices create.

March 5, 2018
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Letters: Wheel Covers, Illegal Brokering, Taxation Fairness

Reading the July 15 article titled “Carriers Say Wheel Covers Cut Fuel Costs By Making Vehicles More Aerodynamic” raised a flag with my safety sense. Working for a fleet safety firm, we conduct fleet inspections and compliance review audits for carriers looking to improve/maintain their safety performance and scores for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Compliance, Safety, Accountability program.

July 29, 2013
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Opinion: Enforcement Disparity = Flawed CSA Scores

Independent studies have confirmed that anomalies and flaws exist in the relationship between crash likelihood and a trucking company’s BASIC scores as calculated under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Compliance, Safety, Accountability program.

July 29, 2013