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The Economic and Environmental Benefits of The STEER Act

Aperia & TruckLabs Webinar

Program Airred: October 19, 2021. The STEER Act, a new bill introduced by Rodney Davis, will catalyze adoption of active emissions-reducing technologies by the trucking industry, the 3rd largest emitter of carbon dioxide in the US. Its initiatives will help the US continue to lead in cutting greenhouse gas emissions and put money in truckers’ pockets.

October 19, 2021
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Biden Envisions Thousands of Wind Turbines Spinning at Sea to Bolster Grid

The GE-Alstom Block Island Wind Farm stands in the water off Block Island, R.I. The GE-Alstom Block Island Wind Farm stands in the water off Block Island, R.I. (Eric Thayer/Bloomberg News)

The Biden administration is outlining ambitions to dramatically boost offshore wind power in the U.S. by 2030, pushing to drive construction of projects at sea capable of generating enough electricity for more than 10 million American homes.

March 29, 2021
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Senate Legislation Targets EV Charging Stations

Zero Emissions trucks at the Port of Los Angeles Zero Emissions trucks at the Port of Los Angeles (Port of Los Angeles via YouTube)

The Securing America’s Clean Fuels Infrastructure Act, recently introduced by a bipartisan group of senators, would aim to boost investments, including extending current tax incentives for projects through 2029.

Eugene Mulero | Senior Reporter
March 29, 2021
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Technology Provider Hopes to Strike Balance on Diesel Engine

ClearFlame's first prototype using Cummins engine ClearFlame's first prototype demonstration using a Cummins engine. (ClearFlame)

ClearFlame Engine Technologies is working to develop a diesel engine that runs on cleaner fuel without compromising performance.

Katie Pyzyk | Special to Transport Topics
October 9, 2020
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Green Energy Companies Partner to Proliferate Hydrogen Trucks

Hydrogen fuel pump A hydrogen fuel pump at an industry show. (Peggy Smith/Transport Topics)

Green energy companies ReCarbon and HYZON Motors partnered July 23 in an effort to propel hydrogen-powered truck projects globally.

July 24, 2020
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How Switching Fuels Can Grow Your Business

Renewable Energy Group

As sustainability becomes more important to regulators and your customers, your fuel may be one of the simplest ways to meet their demands — and yours. In this webinar with Renewable Energy Group, learn how biodiesel and a blend of renewable diesel and biodiesel cut emissions while providing the performance fleets need.

May 7, 2020
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Trucking to Turn More to Alternative Fuels, Experts Say

Alternative Fuels A truck operated by the Cummins engineering department (foreground) stands beside a tractor-trailer combination from the Monarch Beverage Co. Both run on compressed natural gas. (Roger Gilroy/Transport Topics)

INDIANAPOLIS — Sales of Class 8 natural gas fueled trucks are rising, grants and incentives for using alternative fuels are expanding and more related regulations are coming as major shippers pursue environmental sustainability, experts said at an industry forum here.

Roger Gilroy | Senior Reporter
October 18, 2018
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Alternative Fuels Will Grow, but Diesel Remains Go-To, Daimler Exec. Says

Diesel TT File Photo

INDIANAPOLIS — Alternative fuels and green technologies will continue to evolve and secure their roles within the trucking sector, but diesel is still the most efficient and cost-effective fuel and will be for some time to come, Kary Schaefer, general manager of marketing and strategy for Daimler Trucks North America, told attendees at the Green Truck Summit here last week.

Jim Galligan | Special to Transport Topics
March 8, 2018
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Analysis: California Wants its Dairy Farms to Capture Methane and Sell it as Truck Fuel

Christinne Muschi/Bloomberg News

“California Regulates Cow Farts,” is how a New York Post headline put it, implying it was a wacky move by California Governor Jerry Brown. In fact, California’s methane law represents a serious attempt by America’s biggest dairy state to come to grips with a potent greenhouse gas.

December 6, 2017

Vegetable Fuel Approved for Volvo Euro Truck Engines

Volvo Trucks

Volvo Trucks approved the use of diesel hydrogenated vegetable oils for all of its Euro 5 engines, saying the fuel “works very well” in the engine.

June 22, 2015