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With Electric on the Way, Truck Makers Continue to Update Diesel Models

While truck manufacturers make advances in battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell technology, they also are making fuel efficiency and aerodynamic improvements to their diesel offerings that will form the backbone of the trucking industry for years to come.

Steve Brawner | Contributing Writer
January 20, 2023

TT Podcasts: RoadSigns Archive

How can autonomous trucks fit into the freight transportation industry? Host Seth Clevenger chats with Waabi's Vivian Sun and's Jan Becker.

Government, Business, Technology, Equipment

A New Era for Heavy-Duty Trucks

Increasingly stringent emissions regulations over the past few decades have driven a steady cadence of changes to diesel engine architecture and heavy-duty truck design.

Steve Brawner | Contributing Writer
January 20, 2023
Business, Technology, Safety, Autonomous

Musk Oversaw Video That Exaggerated Tesla’s Self-Driving, Emails Show

Elon Musk oversaw the creation of a 2016 video that exaggerated the abilities of Tesla Inc.’s driver-assistance system Autopilot, even dictating the opening text that claimed the company’s car drove itself.

Dana Hull and Sean O'Kane | Bloomberg News
January 19, 2023
Government, Business, Safety

Freight Groups Urge FHWA to Withdraw IIJA Memo

American Trucking Associations is among the groups calling on the Federal Highway Administration to withdraw a memorandum from a little over a year ago focused on the implementation of a $1.2 trillion infrastructure law.

Eugene Mulero | Senior Reporter
January 19, 2023
Business, Equipment

December Trailer Orders Hit All-Time Second-Highest Level

U.S. trailer orders in December surged to the second-highest level since ACT Research began tracking them in 1996, the company reported.

Roger Gilroy | Senior Reporter
January 19, 2023
Business, Equipment, Logistics

Fleets Grapple With Freight Rate Pressures

Trucking companies are navigating a challenging economic environment where stubbornly high costs for goods are affecting what shippers are willing to pay for transport, experts warned.

Connor D. Wolf | Staff Reporter
January 19, 2023

J.B. Hunt Reports Mixed Financials in Q4

J.B. Hunt Transport Services on Jan. 18 reported lower net income and higher revenue for the fourth quarter of 2022.

Dan Ronan | Senior Reporter
January 19, 2023
Government, Business

Alabama Grants $40 Million to 33 Transportation Projects

Three plans targeted to improve truck traffic in Alabama are among 33 road and bridge projects receiving a total of $40 million in state transportation funds announced by Gov. Kay Ivey.

Noël Fletcher | Staff Reporter
January 19, 2023
Government, Business, Logistics, TCA

Georgia DOT Completes First Infrastructure Grant Project

ATLANTA — The Georgia Department of Transportation completed its first Consolidated Rail Infrastructure and Safety Improvement (CRISI) Grant project in January.

January 19, 2023
Government, Business, Safety

Federal Officials Plan to Add Fentanyl to Drug Tests

Federal drug regulators could soon announce plans to add fentanyl to a drug testing panel that would detect use of the dangerous drug among safety-sensitive federal employees — ultimately including truck drivers — after adoption by the Department of Transportation.

Eric Miller | Senior Reporter
January 19, 2023