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EV Battery Swapping Could Help Solve the US Charging Problem

Over the past two years, San Francisco startup Ample Inc. has quietly deployed more than a dozen robotic battery-swap stations around the Bay Area and in Europe.

Todd Woody | Bloomberg News
June 21, 2023
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EV Battery-Swapping Could Help Solve Charging Problems

Whether battery-swapping becomes a more mainstream alternative to charging in the U.S. depends, in part, on more automakers working with companies like Ample.

Todd Woody | Bloomberg News
May 18, 2023
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Heavy-Duty Electric Truck ‘Subscriptions’ Could Clean Up Pollution

Change to the hidden health and climate cost of consumer goods carried by tens of thousands of drayage trucks is coming in the form of more widely-accessible electric alternatives.

Todd Woody | Bloomberg News
January 17, 2023