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Developers Revive Cold-Storage Facility Plans in Maine

A hotly anticipated plan for a waterfront cold-storage warehouse is back on the table in Portland, Maine.

Peter McGuire | Portland (Maine) Press Herald
March 6, 2020
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Maine Awarded $61 Million for Bridge Work

Maine has been awarded $61 million in federal grants to help replace eight aging highway bridges over the next five years. The two federal grants will help fund construction of bridges on Interstate 295, in Franklin County and Madawaska.

Peter McGuire | Portland (Maine) Press Herald
September 5, 2019
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Maine Highway Agencies Aim to Ease Traffic Woes During I-95 Construction

Maine’s two highway agencies launched a rare coordinated public information campaign May 15 in an effort to ease the impact that two construction projects less than 9 miles apart on a busy stretch of Interstate 95 will have on traffic.

Peter McGuire | Portland (Maine) Press Herald
May 16, 2019
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Maine to Give $5.1 Million in Subsidies for EV Purchases

Maine will provide a $5.1 million subsidy and add at least 50 public vehicle charging stations to encourage residents and companies to buy all-electric vehicles.

Peter McGuire | Portland (Maine) Press Herald
March 21, 2019
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Americold Abandons Plan to Build Warehouse on Maine Waterfront

International cold-storage company Americold has abandoned a plan to build a massive refrigerated warehouse on the Portland, Maine, waterfront.

Peter McGuire | Portland (Maine) Press Herald
June 26, 2018
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Container Volume at Maine’s Largest Port More Than Doubled Over Past Five Years

Shipping containers are piling up on the Portland, Maine, waterfront at a record pace as the state invests millions of dollars into its largest port to encourage the state’s growing trade links to Europe and the North Atlantic region.

Peter McGuire | Portland (Maine) Press Herald
March 19, 2018

Road to Fewer Highway Tolls in Maine Is Full of Curves

The idea of doing away with the Maine Turnpike Authority and eliminating tolls has a long and unsuccessful history through both Democratic and Republican administrations.

Peter McGuire | Portland (Maine) Press Herald
March 24, 2017