Trucking Meets Tech With Startup Cargo42's Strategy

Francine Gervazio worked in the logistics industry in her home country of Brazil and Australia, and she saw first hand how inefficient the industry could be. In fact, she says, one out of every five trucks on the streets is traveling empty. While at Babson College in Massachusetts studying entrepreneurship, she came up with concept behind Cargo42.

Nancy Dahlberg | Miami Herald
May 8, 2017
Business, Technology, Autonomous

Traditional Trucking Meets the 'Sharing Economy' With Miami Tech Startup Cargo42

Startup Spotlight: Through a simple-to-use app, Cargo42 provides companies an option to ship locally for a lower rate with trucks that have empty space in them. At the same time, trucking companies enjoy an additional revenue stream and maximize the trucks’ productivity.

Nancy Dahlberg | Miami Herald
March 6, 2017
Business, Technology

Google Express Expands Across Southeast, Northwest

Google announced it is extending its online shopping and delivery service across the Southeast and Northwest. With the increase, Google Express will reach 70 million more people, according to the company.

Nancy Dahlberg | Miami Herald
October 25, 2016