Michael G. Malloy

Schneider Warns Hours Rule Will Cut Carriers’ Productivity

WASHINGTON — Hours-of-service rule changes set to take effect in January will cut carrier productivity, put pressure on driver pay, worsen a growing driver shortage and lead to slower growth for fleets, a key trucking executive said here Oct. 24.

Michael G. Malloy | Web Editor
November 3, 2003

EPA Says Refiners on Target to Meet Sulfur '06 Standard

Oil refiners are on target to supply highway diesel fuel containing significantly less sulfur than current fuel within the next four to six years, according to a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency report released Oct. 29.

Michael G. Malloy | Web Editor
November 3, 2003

Trucking Tells Calif. Board to Delay Diagnostics Plan

Truck industry representatives at a California meeting last week said that the state’s proposal for onboard diagnostics of heavy-duty truck engine emissions systems should be delayed.

Michael G. Malloy | Web Editor
October 23, 2003

Detroit Tunnel Advocates Say Bridge Shutdown Would Be Costly

A new report funded by backers of the proposed Detroit River Tunnel Project showed that an unplanned shutdown of the Ambassador Bridge — the busiest U.S.-Canada crossing — would cost $65 million a day.

Michael G. Malloy | Web Editor
October 13, 2003

California Emissions Rules Challenge Waste Haulers

The California Air Resources Board issued a rule Sept. 25 that will require owners of waste-hauling truck fleets to retrofit their vehicles’ engines with particulate-matter controls starting next year.

Michael G. Malloy | Web Editor
October 6, 2003

EPA to Report on Ultra-Low-Sulfur Diesel Availability

WASHINGTON — The Environmental Protection Agency’s report on oil refiners’ ability to make ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel widely available by 2006 could be out by the end of the month, an EPA official said last week.

Michael G. Malloy | Web Editor
September 29, 2003

Caterpillar Announces Plans to Phase Out Bridge Engines

WASHINGTON — Caterpillar Inc. officials said last week the company would phase out its “bridge” engines by year’s end and that it would roll out heavy-duty versions of its new “Acert” engines starting next month..

Michael G. Malloy | Web Editor
September 22, 2003

CARB to Consider Retrofits for 1993-98 Truck Engines

The state agency that regulates air quality in California planned a public hearing Oct. 23 to consider requiring that all heavy-duty truck engines built between 1993 and 1998 include computer software to reduce nitrogen oxides emissions, even if the trucks are not registered in the state.

Michael G. Malloy | Web Editor
September 15, 2003

Panel Warns of Constraints From Fuel, Driver Market

ANAHEIM, Calif. — While the economy's strength may sustain trucking over the next few years, the industry faces major challenges in high fuel prices, hiring new drivers and coping with new, more expensive engine technologies, a panel of carrier and manufacturing executives said Sept. 22.

Michael G. Malloy | Web Editor
September 30, 2000