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Google Takes Another Run at E-Commerce, and Amazon

Google's search engine page on a smartphone Google's search page is displayed on a smartphone. (Gabby Jones/Bloomberg News)

In the past, Google has tried emulating Inc.’s online retail and delivery services, with little luck. Now the search giant is positioning itself as a kind of anti-Amazon, a free marketplace for merchants and Amazon rivals that’s designed to get consumers more comfortable shopping with Google.

Mark Bergen | Bloomberg News
May 25, 2022
Business, Technology, Autonomous

Waymo Pulls Out of CES Over Virus Concerns

Waymo vehicle Caitlin O'Hara/Bloomberg News

Waymo, the autonomous vehicle unit of Alphabet Inc., is withdrawing from in-person events at CES, joining a growing list of companies avoiding the major technology conference scheduled for next month.

Mark Bergen | Bloomberg News
December 23, 2021
Business, Technology, Autonomous

Waymo Brings Self-Driving Taxis to San Francisco — With a Catch

A Waymo LLC Chrysler Pacifica autonomous vehicle Waymo via Facebook Video

Alphabet Inc.’s Waymo will offer rides in its autonomous vehicles to select passengers in San Francisco, marking its second launch of a taxi service and a hint of the company’s commercial ambitions.

Mark Bergen | Bloomberg News
August 24, 2021
Business, Technology, Autonomous

Sun Valley Secret Tech Demos Feature Trucking Networks, Quantum Physics

Convoy app Convoy

Nearly all of the biggest names in media and technology descended on Sun Valley, Idaho, July 11-16, and in the mix this year were trucking networks, spider silk and quantum physics.

Mark Bergen | Bloomberg News
July 17, 2017
Business, Autonomous

Uber Fires Executive at Center of Self-Driving Car Legal Fight

John Sommers II for TT

Uber Technologies Inc. fired Anthony Levandowski, the engineer hired to lead its self-driving car efforts who is now at the center of a legal spat over the technology with Google parent Alphabet Inc.

Mark Bergen | Bloomberg News
May 30, 2017
Business, Technology, Autonomous

Uber Crash Shows Human Traits in Self-Driving Software

A recent crash involving an Uber Technologies Inc. driverless car suggests autonomous software sometimes takes the same risks as the humans it may one day replace.

Mark Bergen | Bloomberg News
March 30, 2017
Business, Technology, Autonomous

Waymo Alleges Former Self-Driving Engineer Plotted to Sell Trade Secrets to Uber

Alphabet Inc.'s Waymo alleged a former top self-driving car engineer plotted to sell trade secrets and talent to Uber Technologies Inc., according to an updated lawsuit filed March 10 against the ride-sharing company.

Mark Bergen | Bloomberg News
March 10, 2017
Business, Technology

Alphabet Taps Brakes on Delivery by Drone Project

Project Wing, Alphabet Inc.

The latest Google drones have just started taking flight in the real world. But the team behind the technology is slowing down, trimming headcount and shelving initiatives as the experimental unit becomes the latest target of tightening budgets across parent company Alphabet Inc.

Mark Bergen | Bloomberg News
November 8, 2016