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How Hackers Could Cause Chaos on America’s Roads and Railways

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When hackers struck the Colorado Department of Transportation in a ransomware attack in February and again eight days later, they disrupted the agency’s operations for weeks.

Jenni Bergal |
April 24, 2018

Building a Sustainable ‘Highway of the Future’

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WEST POINT, Ga. — Just past the Alabama border, in a bit of rural Georgia filled with manufacturing plants and distribution warehouses, there's an 18-mile stretch of Interstate 85 where new technologies are being tested for what could be a green highway of the future.

Jenni Bergal |
June 8, 2017

Cash-Strapped States Shutting Down Highway Rest Stops


Some states are closing traditional highway rest stops because they don't have the money to maintain them or because the stops don't attract enough traffic to justify keeping them open.

Jenni Bergal |
April 3, 2017