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Florida Hurricane Dorian Leaves Tanks Dry

Hurricane Dorian Daniel Acker/Bloomberg News

Gas stations in parts of Florida are running out of fuel as drivers race to fill up ahead of Hurricane Dorian. Dorian’s course turned slightly south and now is expected to make landfall near Jupiter, Fla., as a Category 4, with winds reaching 140 miles per hour.

Jeffrey Bair | Bloomberg News
August 30, 2019
Government, Business, Fuel

Hold Up on the Fill-Up: Gasoline Is Set to Plunge at the Pump

gas pump Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg News

Gasoline prices have been sliding steadily for several weeks, and they’re promising to get even cheaper as crude prices fall and the U.S. moves into the summer driving season.

Jeffrey Bair | Bloomberg News
June 11, 2019
Government, Business, Fuel

US Gasoline Traders Would Rather Export Than Ship to New York

Man pumping gas Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg News

The busiest U.S. fuel pipeline is running below capacity, as Gulf Coast refiners get fatter margins exporting to Latin America than shipping to New York.

Jeffrey Bair | Bloomberg News
May 16, 2019