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Outsourcing Repair: Fleets Look to Third-Party Maintenance Services

Third-Party maintenance “Third-party fleet services are very important at our non-Averitt shop locations,” Doug Lloyd, director of maintenance at Averitt Express, said. (Averitt Express)

With the increased volume of OTR shipping and the rising average cost of new and used Class 8 diesel trucks, the importance of scheduled and emergency maintenance practices remains crucial.

Jack Ferry | Special to Transport Topics
October 8, 2021
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Cargo Van Manufacturers Take Advantage as the Last-Mile Delivery Industry Grows

Amazon van Cargo vans have been instrumental to the industry since demand for final-mile delivery to homes and businesses expanded and e-commerce volumes surged. (Amazon)

Van manufacturers are working to meet the demands of the growing e-commerce delivery business. They also see these vans as the perfect incubator for the transportation industry’s move toward electric-powered vehicles.

Jack Ferry | Special to Transport Topics
August 2, 2021
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Fleets’ Tire Choices Involve Many Factors

Yokohama tires Tires represent a major maintenance expense for trucking companies as they strive to manage such costs more effectively. (Yokohama)

Selecting the right tires for a trucking fleet’s specific application and business model is both a science and an art, with experience, industry know-how and common sense mixed in.

Jack Ferry | Special to Transport Topics
March 22, 2021