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UPS Driver Delivers Help to Those in Need in Louisiana

James Joseph and helpers from UPS pose with Desi Kent James Joseph and UPS helpers pose with Desi Kent after Joseph's Big Brown organization performed home improvements for Kent. (UPS via YouTube)

UPS driver James Joseph’s philosophy sounds a lot like a slogan his company once had: What can “Big Brown” do for you? When he’s not delivering packages, Joseph has helped deliver air conditioners and fans to people during sweltering weather, water and supplies to hurricane-stricken areas and, most recently, masks and hand sanitizer to schools across Louisiana.

George Morris | The Advocate (Baton Rouge, La.)
May 4, 2021

It All Comes Down to Inches During Louisiana Truck Driving Championships

The 2016 Louisiana Motor Transport Association Truck Driving Championships took place March 18-19 in Baton Rouge and for 108 drivers it was a chance to test their skill and knowledge against their peers.

George Morris | The Advocate (Baton Rouge, La.)
March 29, 2016