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Opinion: Trump Plan Unlikely to Spur Promised $1 Trillion in Infrastructure Investment

WASHINGTON — On the campaign trail, President Donald Trump reiterated his pledge to “Make America Great Again” by reinvesting in infrastructure projects around the country. The news was greeted favorably by not only voters, but also municipal governments and the transportation industry.

Erin Mundahl | (Washington, D.C.)
April 4, 2018
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Autonomous Vehicles Pose New Challenges to Future of Cybersecurity

Today, as artificial intelligence (AI) technology is making a future full of self-driving cars increasingly likely, hacking has become a serious potential concern.

Erin Mundahl | (Washington, D.C.)
December 18, 2017
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Analysis: Is Regulation Driving the Driver Shortage?

The trucking industry is predicting solid growth in the coming years, but it faces hurdles caused by increased regulation and an ongoing shortage of truckers.

Erin Mundahl | (Washington, D.C.)
July 21, 2017

Trucking Industry Figures Speak Favorably of an Increase in the Federal Fuel Tax

It isn’t often that industry supports raising taxes. That seems to be the case with American roads and bridges, however, with both industry officials and the Trump administration signaling that they might be amenable to raising the federal fuel tax to pay for road improvements.

Erin Mundahl | (Washington, D.C.)
May 22, 2017