Two Freight Forwarding Firms Join Forces to Form NorthPoint Forwarding

Kansas City-based NorthPoint Development has launched NorthPoint Forwarding, a freight-forwarding affiliate.

Diane Stafford | The Kansas City Star
April 21, 2017

Kansas Raises Highway Overpasses to Give Trucks Clearance

Inch by inch, over about eight hours, some Kansas Turnpike overpasses are being elevated by at least a foot to make sure big freight trucks can pass underneath.

Diane Stafford | The Kansas City Star
December 5, 2016

Amazon to Open 800,000-Square-Foot Fulfillment Center in Kansas on March 24 announced a new Edgerton, Kansas, fulfillment center that will create about 1,000 full-time jobs and help the online giant’s speed-of-delivery goals.

Diane Stafford | The Kansas City Star
March 25, 2016