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Indiana Gas Taxes on Brink of State Record

Welcome to Indiana and Interstate 65 road sign against a blue sky. Indiana is one of 16 states, including Illinois and Michigan, where gasoline purchases are subject to sales tax. The sales tax rate in Indiana is 7%. (benkrut/GettyImages)

Indiana motorists will be paying a total of 74.5 cents in taxes for each gallon of gasoline they purchase in May — the highest amount in Indiana history.

Dan Carden | The (Munster, Ind.) Times
April 21, 2022

Freight Rail Poised for Manufacturing Boom, Norfolk Southern Exec Says

Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg News

INDIANAPOLIS — A top rail executive sees America’s growing energy independence fueling a manufacturing boom that in coming years will increase freight rail traffic, especially in centrally located states such as Indiana.

Dan Carden | The (Munster, Ind.) Times
November 17, 2016