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Perspective: Appreciating the Journey as Chairman

Barry Pottle writes: One of the things I’ve learned about trucking is you need to appreciate the journey. It was a lesson I took to heart at 18 when I started my career in this industry as an owner-operator, and one that served me well in my time as American Trucking Associations chairman.

Barry Pottle | Chairman, American Trucking Associations
September 25, 2019
Government, Business, Perspective

Opinion: Get Involved to Build on Success in Industry

New chairman Barry Pottle: ATA has been criticized from the outside for catering to larger companies — but those of us on the inside, those of us who have rolled up our sleeves and gotten involved and gotten to work solving big issues, we know better. ATA speaks for our entire industry, but that voice is only as powerful as those who choose to join the chorus.

Barry Pottle | Chairman, American Trucking Associations
November 4, 2018

Opinion: TMC Provides Critical Trucking Forum

The trucking industry would not be able to move 70.1% of the nation’s freight tonnage without great equipment, reliable technology and millions of technicians working behind the scenes to make sure every component of the tractor-trailer is in working order.

Barry Pottle | Chairman, American Trucking Associations
July 21, 2017