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Flying Taxi Startup Whisper Aero Aims to Keep Noise Levels Down

Sky Tracks (Lubo Ivanko/Getty Images)

A startup called Whisper Aero, which is disclosing its plans for the first time, thinks it may be well on its way to solving a noise problem related to drones.

Ashlee Vance | Bloomberg News
July 12, 2021
Business, Technology, Equipment, Autonomous

This Electric Truck Will Probably Beat Tesla’s to Market

Working at his family’s businesses, a military-electronics supplier and a vineyard, helped lead Semler to electric trucks. Angie Smith/Bloomberg News

On the evening of Nov. 16, Elon Musk unveiled the latest prop in his Tony Stark cosplay. Tesla Inc.’s all-electric semi rig met all the classic Musk product launch criteria: It looked stunning, had unprecedented performance numbers, included features straight out of science fiction, and would arrive at some unknown date at a too-good-to-be-true price from a still-to-be-built assembly line.

Ashlee Vance | Bloomberg News
December 13, 2017