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Flying Taxi Startup Whisper Aero Aims to Keep Noise Levels Down

A startup called Whisper Aero, which is disclosing its plans for the first time, thinks it may be well on its way to solving a noise problem related to drones.

Ashlee Vance | Bloomberg News
July 12, 2021
Business, Technology, Equipment, Autonomous

This Electric Truck Will Probably Beat Tesla’s to Market

On the evening of Nov. 16, Elon Musk unveiled the latest prop in his Tony Stark cosplay. Tesla Inc.’s all-electric semi rig met all the classic Musk product launch criteria: It looked stunning, had unprecedented performance numbers, included features straight out of science fiction, and would arrive at some unknown date at a too-good-to-be-true price from a still-to-be-built assembly line.

Ashlee Vance | Bloomberg News
December 13, 2017