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Truckbase overview



Truckbase has emerged as the next-generation truck dispatch software leader with its suite of easy-to-use tools for truckload carriers.

At the core of Truckbase's offerings are solutions for dispatching, invoicing, driver pay, and operational and financial visibility, all tailored to improve efficiency, reduce errors and delays, and enhance the professional brand of trucking companies. In the company’s words, “Truckbase aims to ruthlessly eliminate friction, time, and cost from the workflows for asset-based carriers.”

In this overview we’ll dive into its core feature set, perception among customers, target audience, and what sets it apart from other trucking software providers.

Core Feature Sets for Carriers

Truckbase’s software for trucking companies revolves around six core feature groups:

Dispatch Module: Truckbase's truck dispatch system is its crowning glory, offering an intuitive platform for managing fleet assignments with unprecedented ease and efficiency.

Driver Pay and Settlements: This feature ensures drivers are compensated accurately and promptly, fostering a positive and productive working environment.

Invoicing and Financial Integrations: Automated invoicing, coupled with seamless integrations for QuickBooks Online and Desktop, streamlines financial management tasks, improving cash flow and reducing administrative burdens.

ELD and Truck Tracking: With over 30 ELD integrations, including Samsara and Motive, Truckbase offers robust vehicle tracking capabilities, enhancing fleet management and operational visibility.

EDI Integrations and Customer Portal: These features simplify communication with shippers and brokers, and provide clients with real-time access to their shipping status, respectively.

Truck Level Profitability Analysis: A powerful tool for analyzing the financial performance of each vehicle, aiding in strategic decision-making.

Deep Dive into Truck Dispatch Functionality

Truckbase deep dive

Truckbase’s strategic priority is building the best trucking dispatch functionality in the market. At its core, this is where Truckbase stands head and shoulders above the competition. Below we lay out several key components of how trucking companies can take advantage of its software:

Automation of Dispatch Tasks: The dispatch module automates various tasks associated with dispatching, such as rate con importing, scheduling and assigning drivers to loads, tracking load statuses, and matching backhauls to fronthauls. This automation reduces manual data entry and the potential for errors, allowing dispatchers to focus more on driver & customer relationships.

Enhanced Communication: Truckbase facilitates seamless communication between dispatchers, drivers, and customers. Dispatchers can easily send load details to drivers via automated text message or the Truckbase app. Drivers then update the status of their loads and leave notes and documents directly on the load in real-time. This feature ensures that everyone involved is working from the same unified operating picture.

Real-time Tracking and Visibility: With ELD integrations and truck tracking capabilities, Truckbase provides real-time 24/7 visibility into the location of your fleet and the status of every load. Dispatchers can track deliveries in progress, manage delays, track check-in/out times, and adjust schedules as needed to meet customer expectations. This real-time data is crucial for making informed decisions, optimizing routes, and proactively keeping customers informed.

Driver Management: Manage your drivers’ schedules, availability, and preferences. Dispatchers can ensure that loads are assigned to drivers based on their availability, qualifications, and compliance with hours-of-service regulations. This feature helps in optimizing driver utilization and satisfaction.

Integration with Other Modules: The dispatch module is fully integrated with other Truckbase modules, including invoicing, driver pay, and QuickBooks. For those looking for EDI connections with certain customers, Truckbase can establish those for fleets as well. These integrations ensure that data flows seamlessly between different parts of the system, reducing the need for duplicate data entry and providing a comprehensive view of operations.

Customer Portals: Truckbase offers portals for brokers and shippers, allowing them to view load statuses and communicate directly with the dispatch team. These portals enhance transparency, build trust, and streamline communication.

Reporting and Analytics: The module includes reporting and analytics tools that provide insights into dispatch operations. Dispatchers and managers can generate reports on key operational metrics such as per mile revenue, expenses, and profitability at more granular levels to support informed decision-making and continuous improvement.

Trucking Customer Reviews

Truckbase is currently the highest rated Transportation Management System (TMS) and trucking dispatch software provider on Capterra, the largest software reviews site in the US:

Truckbase alternatives
Truckbase reviews

Actual Customer Quotes

“Truckbase is the most intuitive and easy software I’ve found after evaluating over 20 TMS providers. Any dispatcher can pick it up within 30 minutes.”

  • Tom H., ‍Owner of Herlache Truck Lines

“Truckbase is so simple and easy to use. It’s the ideal solution for small companies to stay connected with drivers and organize load, documents, and invoices.”

  • Jerrod F., Owner of 1 Way Transportation

“Truckbase has exponentially increased our back office efficiency. They’ve helped us streamline our processes as we evolve from a company with just a couple trucks into a larger organization.”

  • Bruce P., VP at Bumpa & Sons Trucking

“Truckbase continues to be a wonderful company that we love using. From the ease of set-up, to the day-to-day operation of the dashboard, to the ease of the program that our drivers use, we can't rave enough about Bryan and his team. Ten out of Ten will recommend Truckbase to anyone needing better trucking software.”

  • Daniel Lowe, Dispatch Manager at Gibson Heavy Haul

“Truckbase and their support team have been excellent to work with. Their quick response to feedback is impressive.”

  • Ornan F., Allan Trucking

“Truckbase TMS was quick to implement, is easy to use and is getting new functionality added to it constantly. If you run a small trucking company you need this product. Not to mention, the people that run the company genuinely care about the success of their customers and that is something that is rare in software.”

  • Solomiya T., CEO of Nica’s Freight

“Truckbase isn't just software... I love working with their team. I feel like we are not just another sale, that we and our opinions matter to them. It is what puts them well above their competition.”

  • Jennifer H., Transport Specialist at Wallis Trans.

“Truckbase is doing things for us that we haven't seen outside of paying $150,000 and that even has way too many features for a small fleet.”

  • Brandi K., Manager at Wallis Transport

“THE BEST!!! THE BEST!!! It is so easy to enter loads! The drivers having mobile access to upload documents has cut my billing time in half! We have used quite a few other applications and they did not have the functionality that Truckbase has! So glad we went with Truckbase!!!!

  • Dena B., Dispatcher at Texshed Transport

Target Customer: Who Truckbase is Ideal For

Truckbase's deliberate focus on serving a specific audience helps it hone its product to perfectly meet the needs of that audience. By design, this may make the solution less ideal for others, which we outline below as well.

Truckbase works best for professionally managed and growing asset-based carriers whose core users will be operations managers, dispatchers, drivers, and the owner. It is ideal for owners who are keen on leveraging technology to modernize their operations, have a seat at the table in providing rich feedback on potential features and improvements, and generally run fleets with the following characteristics:

Trucking Company Size: Businesses with 2+ office staff and 10-100 drivers, indicating a small to medium scale operation that is poised for growth and expansion. Truckbase will scale down to as few as 5 truck fleets, and also serves customers in the hundreds, but the 10-100 size range is the sweet spot.

Freight Specialization: Full truckload, OTR carriers running national and regional routes, often with dedicated and contract lanes, repeat broker relationships, and/or direct shipper relationships. The industries that Truckbase’s customers tend to serve are building materials, food and refrigerated loads, construction, heavy machinery, and oil and gas.

Customer Base: Companies with a meaningful portion of their volume coming from direct/repeat customer relationships relative to spot freight via load boards tend to be better fits than those solely relying on load boards.

Technological Inclination: A rising owner or operations manager within the company who is not just open to but excited about modernizing their business operations through new technologies. This demographic is crucial for adopting and maximizing the benefits of Truckbase's offerings, as Truckbase looks for “design partners” who are excited to help co-create the right software experience for their team and drivers.

Operational Pain Points: Businesses that identify a need for or are currently facing challenges with truck dispatch and overall operational efficiency.

By focusing on these criteria, Truckbase aims to serve a vital segment of the trucking industry that is underserved by current technological solutions. The platform's design and features are a testament to Truckbase's commitment to understanding and addressing the specific needs of its target customers, thereby enabling them to thrive in a competitive and fast-paced industry.

Support, Implementation, and Customization

Truckbase excels in providing white-glove training and onboarding services, ensuring clients can fully leverage the system's capabilities from the outset. Additionally, its pricing and packaging are highly customizable, offering tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of each fleet.

Learn more about Truckbase TMS.

Truckbase FAQs

1. What is Truckbase?

Truckbase is a next-generation, dispatch-centric suite of tools designed specifically for truckload carriers. It offers comprehensive solutions for dispatching, invoicing, payroll, and enhancing operational and financial visibility, tailored to streamline operations, reduce administrative burdens, and support the growth of trucking companies.

2. Who can benefit most from using Truckbase?

Truckbase is ideal for professionally managed and growing asset-based for-hire carriers with 2+ office staff and 10-100 drivers. It's particularly suited for those involved in truckload regional freight, with a significant portion of their business coming from direct/repeat customer relationships, including dedicated/contract lanes, repeat broker relationships, and direct shipper relationships.

3. What makes Truckbase stand out from other trucking software providers?

Truckbase sets itself apart through its focus on automation of back-office tasks, establishing a professional brand, building trust with drivers, and improving both operational and financial visibility. Its intuitive, powerful, and reasonably priced web application is designed to enable growth without the need to increase office staff.

4. How does Truckbase's dispatch module enhance operational efficiency?

The dispatch module at Truckbase automates various tasks such as rate confirmation importing, assigning drivers to loads, tracking load status, and managing backhauls. This automation reduces manual data entry, minimizes potential errors, and allows dispatchers to focus on strategic aspects of their role, thereby enhancing overall operational efficiency.

5. Can Truckbase integrate with other systems and technologies?

Yes, Truckbase offers over 30 ELD integrations, including Samsara and Motive, and supports seamless QuickBooks Online and Desktop integrations. These integrations streamline financial management tasks, improve cash flow, and provide real-time tracking capabilities, enhancing fleet management and operational visibility.

6. What type of customer support does Truckbase provide?

Truckbase is known for its white-glove training and onboarding services, ensuring clients can fully leverage the system's capabilities. Support includes responsive customer service, tailored onboarding, and the option for customized solutions to meet the specific needs of each fleet.

7. How does Truckbase facilitate communication between dispatchers, drivers, and customers?

Truckbase facilitates seamless communication through automated text messaging and a dedicated app for drivers, allowing for real-time updates and communication. Additionally, customer portals for brokers and shippers enhance transparency and streamline communication, ensuring all parties are well-informed about load statuses and any necessary documentation.


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