February 26, 2017 4:45 PM, EST

TMW Offers Maintenance Software for Smaller Fleets

Scott Vanselous Scott Vanselous by John Sommers II for TT

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — TMW Systems introduced cloud-based maintenance software called FleetCheck, aimed at smaller fleets with 150 or fewer vehicles, whether they outsource repairs or do the work themselves. It also announced a mobile app for parts inventory management.

The FleetCheck software was presented as a more cost-effective option that enables users to avoid the hardware and related investments often required by on-premises software.

The software integrates preventive maintenance schedules, fuel usage and warranty recovery for fleets that outsource their maintenance.

It handles parts inventory, labor tracking and more for fleets that own their shops, Cleveland-based TMW said here Feb. 26 at the annual meeting of American Trucking Associations' Technology & Maintenance Council.

“The advantage we see in the marketplace over other smaller maintenance systems is we are preconfiguring this solution,” said Scott Vanselous, executive vice president of  TMW. “We can deploy a non-shop solution in less than a week and the shop solution in two weeks. We do this through a preconfigured template, so the overall cost to that fleet is aligned with their cost structure.”

Its mobile Parts Room is available for users of the company’s fleet maintenance and service center solutions, and can be used with either Android or iOS devices, TMW added.

With the app, a parts manager can perform a complete physical inventory for the parts room or narrow the list by bin, part number range or part type, TMW said, including the ability to scan only uncounted parts or parts that show a quantity variance. Users also can scan the part number for lookup in conjunction with an inventory adjustment, the company said.

Administrative users of the app can review open inventories, close completed inventories and make a quick adjustment for a single part, the company said.