Spartan, Uhnder Partner to Offer Next-Gen Radar Tech for Automated Trucks

Spartan Software engineers review new data sets captured in the field. (Spartan)

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Sensor technology suppliers Spartan Radar and Uhnder Inc. have formed a partnership to develop improved sensing capabilities for advanced driver-assistance systems and autonomous driving technology for commercial trucks.

Through this collaboration, the companies are combining Spartan’s sensor software with Uhnder’s digital imaging radar technology to provide new safety features, such as high-contrast resolution to help differentiate closely spaced objects.

The companies said their combined product can detect dangerous objects in the road more than 200 meters away and trigger automatic emergency braking in a split second. That extended visibility and fast response time are necessary for heavy-duty trucks moving at highway speeds, they said.

Eric Fuller, CEO of truckload carrier U.S. Xpress, hailed the partnership’s potential in the Feb. 24 announcement.

“In the coming years as the ADAS market continues to improve and autonomous trucks begin to scale, we’ll need technologies that combine lidar-like resolution with sensor ruggedization,” Fuller said. “We’re looking for solutions that will handle the harsh real-world conditions of an autonomous truck driving hundreds of thousands of miles per year. We expect the Uhnder-Spartan partnership to deliver this performance; it can be a real game-changer.”



Uhnder CEO and co-founder Manju Hegde said the transition from analog radar to digital radar is “a critical step to improving ADAS systems and achieving increased safety on our roads.”

Spartan CEO and co-founder Nathan Mintz also stressed the safety benefits of next-generation sensing technology.

“Uhnder’s advanced radar technology combined with Spartan’s software allows customers to create solutions that focus on what matters for safety, like discerning a car from a lane-splitting motorcycle or a bicyclist from a nearby guard rail,” he said. — Transport Topics

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