SmartDrive Expands Options for Video-Based Safety, Including 360-Degree Views

SAN DIEGO — SmartDrive Systems said it will offer its video-based safety system in three separate packages, ranging from a single road-facing camera to a 360-degree view around the vehicle, to meet the needs of different fleets.

The company’s core product uses both a road-facing camera and a driver-facing camera to record what was happening on the road and in the cab during hard-braking and other driving events. Fleets can then use that video to enable driver coaching or to serve as liability protection in the event of a crash.

With its new SmartDrive Assurance product line, however, SmartDrive is also offering a more basic product that only uses the road-facing camera, as well as a more advanced package that can incorporate up to four cameras to capture additional views around the vehicle.

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“The SmartDrive Assurance product line was designed with a simple idea in mind: not all fleets are the same,” CEO Steve Mitgang said in a statement.

The company made the announcement here Oct. 6 at American Trucking Associations’ annual Management Conference & Exhibition.

The full-view product, named Assurance 360, works by integrating other on-board cameras, such as blind-spot and backing cameras, with the SmartDrive system. That offering is currently in field testing, but the company said it is taking applications from fleets interested in an early-adopter program.