Secur to Expand Railcar, Container Fleet for Nuclear Decommissioning Market

Secur containers

Secur, a provider of transportation logistics as well as packaging, technical services and waste management, will invest in equipment assets to serve the nuclear power plant decommissioning market, according to the company.

A press release did not disclose details of the investment but noted that Secur would expand its fleet of 177-ton articulating bulk commodity railcars, high-capacity gondola railcars, purpose-built intermodal containers and U.S. Department of Transportation Type-A bulk containers. Additionally, the firm has an exclusive arrangement with a prominent manufacturer of patented flexible packaging, according to the release.

“Secur will be ready to handle the growing demand for packaging and transportation equipment as the country’s nuclear power plants begin their decommissioning activities,” Senior Vice President Ken Grumski said.

Over the past year, the firm has provided specialty containers and other services to nuclear power plants in Michigan and New York. It also signed an agreement during the summer to move up to 4 million cubic feet of waste in the next five to seven years from a nuclear plant in New England.