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Ransomware Is Among the Fastest-Growing Threats
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As we embark on a new year, I’ve been grateful to learn about and chronicle several topics in the trucking industry. Subjects such as electrification and automation have ruled the day in many conversations with industry leaders.

However different and complex these issues are, there’s one common thread that ties many of them together: the known unknown.

In 2022, we tackled not just electric vehicles, but their maintenance and repair. What will that look like? The answer may appear simple; yet there’s not much data to fall back on to get a clear understanding of the future.



The same goes for recharging infrastructure (another subject that I’ve become obsessed with). How will that shape up? Who’s going to win the battle for the market share of power source?

And these are just the topics that are in the developmental stages of mass use. The future will also give us clues on decades-old maintenance technology. For instance, let's take a look into diagnostics and how the technology has become efficient in the world of preventive maintenance and repair.

 DG Technologies President Mark Zachos discussed the threat of cybersecurity. These two separate subjects are intertwined because we want to highlight 1) how the danger of hacked and compromised information can cripple a trucking company, and 2) how hackers can utilize diagnostic technology to their nefarious advantage.

The thought of ransomware was nonexistent nearly five years ago. Now, it’s one of the fastest-growing threats to cloud-based businesses. In this case, the unknown has become all-knowing. And in knowing that, several industries can plot a course in confronting this new-age issue.

It’s important to hail the progress and advances made in trucking, and it’s prudent to plan and inquire about unknown possibilities.

It’s also important to ask these questions about the future because it is waiting for no one, and most importantly, they will be answered by the maintenance and repair personnel. For they’re the ones who’ll apply those applications for better or worse.

Future, get ready!

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