New Year, Used Trucks

Penske mechanics diagnose a truck.
Penske mechanics diagnose a truck. (Penske)

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Having the right part for the right job is the essential tenet for any technician performing maintenance. It’s the foundation that keeps fleets running:

Simply put, trucks can’t move if they’re not operating properly.

This is the theme for this quarter’s Calibrate as we explore the details of equipment maintenance and provide a larger perspective of what it entails for the trucking industry.



For instance, in our TMC Corner, the Technology & Maintenance Council is in the development stage of crafting its recommendation practices concerning automated driving technology. The order of keeping pace with such advances is a constant in an industry that can’t afford standstill.

When I moderated an OEM panel during the Used Truck Association Annual Meeting in November, I learned how this subject affected used truck dealers.

For these dealers, evolving technologies have (for lack of a better word) evolved into a major consideration for their customers. As the panel members noted, there was a time when the debate was surrounding whether to convert an AMT to manual transmission to meet demand.

Now, the secondary market is dealing with the implementation of those aforementioned automated technologies such as collision mitigation, which has progressed from being a buzzword to where dealers are learning more about them and using those features to better sell to their base.

In the micro view, the tech work still needs to be done, and that’s where our cover story takes us when we get into the ongoing process of HVAC maintenance. It’s one thing to have the right tool, but it’s also vital to know when and how to wield them. As it’s important to keep ahead of the equipment technology, it is also imperative to stay ahead of it. There is no better example of that than mobile air conditioning unit maintenance.

Also, we take a look at the impact of the recent federal appeals court ruling exempting trailer manufacturers from federal greenhouse gas and fuel efficiency rules and where it takes the industry going forward.

In addition in the new year, Calibrate is debuting a new installment called Five Questions, where we invite industry leaders to pontificate about the world of equipment maintenance. Our first guest is Kerry Stritt, vice president of fleet services for Southeastern Freight Lines. We’re excited to bring more executive insight for the people who are making the critical decisions in fleet maintenance this year, and hopefully assist you in your efforts to run a more efficient tech shop for the new year.


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