Replay: LiveOnWeb's 'How Have ELDs Changed Trucking?'

LOW panelists Tom McLeod, Edin Selimagic, Kerri Wirachowsky
LOW panelists Tom McLeod, Edin Selimagic, Kerri Wirachowsky

It’s been six months since the electronic logging device mandate went into effect, and three months since stepped-up-enforcement kicked in. So now’s a good time to ask: How Have ELDs Changed Trucking?

That’s the title of our June 27 LiveOnWeb program, when we get the answer to that question from those on the front lines of business and enforcement:


This program focuses on the impact ELDs have had on the trucking business. So we dive into topics such as freight capacity and shipping, but we’ll also look at how enforcement is going and the status of exemptions.

Transport Topics Managing Editor / Features Seth Clevenger hosts the program, ably assisted by TT reporter Eric Miller. 

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