Israel Firm Loginno Unveils Container-Tracking Device

Loginno, an Israeli logistics firm, has unveiled the fifth generation of its Agam device, whose installation method as a standard container vent allows every container service depot to install it with no training, according to a news release.

The company seeks to expand the internet-of-shipping-containers infrastructure by partnering with shipping businesses to convert entire container fleets to internet of things-enabled fleets, mining cargo and voyage data through a patented device.

The old-style containers used by shippers, trucks and cargo ships are “dumb,” not smart, but attaching internet-powered devices will allow better visibility and tracking, according to Loginno officials.

Based in central Israel near Tel Aviv, the company said its tech will create a “contopia,” or utopia for containers, allowing logistics companies to better track and manage them.

Loginno founder Amit Aflalo said the technology is the only wide-area communications device with battery life of 10-plus years without recharge, making it a permanent solution for every shipping container, never to be taken off during its entire lifetime of usage.

The long battery life is partly due to work done with fellow Israeli startup 3GSolar, Loginno officials said.

Loginno said its technology has created an internal network of “contopia partners,” a group of innovative container-related companies ranging from startups to industry giants.