International Offers Powertrain Packages to Simply Spec’ing

Navistar closeup
John Sommers II for Transport Topics

International Truck introduced Powertrain Packages to simplify the process of spec’ing a vehicle for optimal fuel efficiency. It is an addition to the International LT Series MPG Fuel Efficiency Packages.

Powertrain Packages combine engine ratings with the lightweight Eaton Endurant transmission, predictive cruise control, high-efficiency rear axles, and rear axle ratios as low as 2.15 for optimal fuel economy for both the International A26 and Cummins X15 engines. It is available in direct-drive and overdrive offerings, according to the Lisle-Ill.-based company.

“We took a holistic approach when developing the MPG Powertrain Packages, from the engine and transmission to the rear axles and lubricants, to easily maximize fuel efficiency,” said Jim Nachtman, director of heavy-duty marketing at Navistar.

The MPG Fuel Efficiency Packages will soon include a second aerodynamic option available for the International LT Series day cab, 56-inch hi-rise and 73-inch hi-rise/sky-rise cab models, which will be available for order this spring. — Transport Topics