Instructional Technologies Offers New Entry-Level Training System

Driver behind the wheel
John Sommers II for Transport Topics

Instructional Technologies Inc. announced the availability of its On Ramp entry-level driver training system to help commercial driver license schools meet the new federal entry-level driver training standards that go into effect in February.

Under the upcoming standard, “responsibility for the written test has essentially been put on CDL schools instead of departments of motor vehicles, which places a great burden on them not only for providing training and content but also for record keeping. On Ramp eases that burden,” Laura McMillan, vice president for training development, said in a statement.

The system includes online training, testing and record keeping, according to the Vancouver, Wash.-based company.

At the same time, On Ramp meets entry-level driver training and mandatory theory training requirements on the 31 core curriculum areas required under the new standards, eliminating the need for CDL schools to create new entry-level-driver-compliant content. ITI evaluates and updates content on a regular basis so schools remain compliant. — Transport Topics