Infinity Logistics Expands Routes Linking Pacific Northwest With Miami, Toronto

Infinity Transportation Logistics

Infinity Transportation Logistics, which provides refrigerated intermodal services, has announced the addition of new routes linking the Pacific Northwest with Miami and Toronto.

The service, provided in double-stack intermodal trains, provides eastbound shipments for perishables such as apples, pears and onions to the Midwest and East Coast destinations, including Philadelphia, New York and Atlanta.

Shipments originate in Seattle, Portland, Oregon, or Spokane, Washington, six days a week, the statement said, using truck pickups within about 160 miles of those cities. Transit times are four or five days to the Midwest and six to seven days for longer runs, the statement said.

Westbound service is being marketed to shippers of frozen products such as pizza, yogurt or seafood.

The intermodal business is part of Infinity Management Partners, which also offers leasing for other rail equipment, including hopper cars and boxcars.